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The water pump pushes coolant from the radiator through the coolant system, into the engine and back around to the radiator. The heat that the coolant picked up from the engine is transferred to the air at the radiator.

Without the water pump, the coolant just sits in the system. The engine is likely to overheat, which can cause serious engine damage. Water pumps have a life span and should be replaced at the interval your owner's manual suggests.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Truck Water Pump

When selecting a replacement water pump for a truck, some factors must be taken into account that influences the choice:

  • Compatibility with the model and brand of the truck: all the water pumps are not suitable for any truck, but one must be chosen that is compatible with the specific brand and model of vehicle. You also have to look at the truck’s engine, as this will also determine the water pump you need.
  • Quality of the water pump: the water pump of a truck is a fundamental element for the proper functioning of the truck, as it is responsible for cooling the vehicle’s engine. Therefore, it is not worth skimping when replacing it. It is crucial to choose a water pump that is manufactured with quality materials and with a guarantee that supports its durability over time.
  • Trusted Manufacturer – This is not usually an area we pay much attention to when selecting truck water pumps, but choosing a reputable manufacturer can make all the difference. It is convenient to work with a supplier that has a long history and that can guarantee that their work is governed by the quality standards established in the sector.
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