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4352444Rx Genuine Cummins Egr Cooler Exhaust Recirculation

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Description: Egr Cooler Exhaust Recirculation ( No Core Charge )

Fits: Gillig, New Flyer, Nova, Cummins

Brand: Cummins

Condition: New

Part Number: 4352444rx

Other Oem Part Numbers That Will Work: 4990739, 4937496, 4943457, 4955485, 4352444, 4955485NX, 4955485RX, 4352444RX, 700485AT

Reason For Change

The Circular Tube Egr Cooler Is A More Robust Egr Cooler Design.
Service Instructions

The New Circular Tube Egr Cooler, Part Number 5347234 (Kit Part Number 4376312), Must Be Used For All Egr Cooler Replacements.
Updating To The New Circular Tube Egr Cooler Requires An Installation Kit. See Table 1 Below For The Installation Kit Part Number. The Installation Kit Contains The Coolant Vent Line Required For Installation Of The New Circular Tube Egr Cooler.
To Replace The Coolant Vent Line, See Isl G Cm2180 Service Manual, Bulletin 4021649. Refer To Procedure 008-017 In Section 8.
To Replace The Egr Cooler, See Isl G Cm2180 Service Manual, Bulletin 4021649. Refer To Procedure 011-019 In Section 11.
The Circular Tube Egr Cooler Requires A Different Leak Test Kit Than The Horizontal Plate Egr Cooler.
To Determine Which Leak Test Kit Part Number Is Required, See Isl G Cm2180 Service Manual, Bulletin 4021649. Refer To Procedure 011-019 In Section 11.
Note : For Peterbilt™ 320 Chassis: A New Original Equipment Manufacturer (Oem) Air Intake Pipe, D66-6894 Pipe-Air Intake, May Be Needed In Addition To The Applicable Kit Listed In Table 1 Below.
For All Chassis:

Egr Crossover Tube, Part Number 4946375, For Square Egr Coolers Is No Longer Available As A Service Part. If Replacement Of Egr Cooler, Part Number 4946375 Is Required, The Egr Cooler Must Be Updated To The Circular Design. The Required Installation Kit For The Circular Egr Cooler Includes A New Egr Crossover Tube.

Service Parts Availability

Table 1, Service Parts
Egr Cooler Design
Turbocharger Mounting Option
Egr Cooler Component Part Number
Replacement Egr Cooler Kit Part Number
Required Installation Kit Part Number
Associated Egr Cooler Pressure Test Kit Part Number
High Mount And Mid Mount
4918625 Used With 4919691
Low Mount
5318560 Or 5347234
Not Applicable

The Cummins engine is durable, reliable, and powerful. Cummins was originally built for heavy-duty, commercial work. It's based on the needs of the most grueling and demanding work, and that delivers benefits for all other Cummins engine designs and applications. Cummins is everywhere; for many years Ford once offered Cummins diesel engines in their medium-duty pickups. Cummins is a independent company supplying engine to both RAM trucks and commercial truck makers like: Peterbilt, Kenworth, International- ProStar, 9900i, LoneStar, PayStar and HX models. Freightliner Cascadia, Coronado, and 122SD models. Cummins is also in tons of heavy machinery, industrial generators, small generators and practically anywhere where there needs to be a reliable diesel engine.

Advanced Truck Parts" LLC stands by a 90-day warranty for all heavy truck parts from the delivery date, showing our commitment to quality. Beyond this period, we're still here to assist, albeit outside of warranty coverage. We understand accidents happen, normal wear occurs, and fuel quality varies, and we're ready to discuss solutions. To ensure swift resolution, please provide purchase and service documents. We aim to keep your truck running smoothly and are ready to cover repair costs, send a replacement, or offer a full refund if a part can't be fixed

Cummins EGR Cooler: Key Points

Cools Exhaust Gases: Reduces the temperature of exhaust gases before they re-enter the combustion chamber.
Reduces NOx Emissions: Helps lower nitrogen oxide emissions by cooling and recirculating exhaust gases.

Improved Efficiency:
Enhanced Combustion: Cooler exhaust gases lead to more efficient and cleaner combustion.
Compliance: Meets stringent emission standards by reducing pollutants.

Durability and Reliability:
Robust Design: Engineered to handle high temperatures and pressures.
Long Lifespan: Built for durability, minimizing the need for frequent replacements.

Accessible Design: Facilitates easy cleaning and servicing.
Reduced Downtime: Simplifies maintenance tasks, ensuring engine uptime.

Heavy-Duty Trucks: Ensures compliance with emission regulations while maintaining performance.
Industrial Engines: Provides effective emission control in various industrial applications.
Agricultural and Marine Equipment: Enhances environmental compliance and operational efficiency.

The Cummins EGR cooler is essential for reducing emissions and improving engine efficiency, making it a key component in meeting environmental standards across various applications.